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Rrrrufff, under arrest for raw m...

Posted Sep 12 2008 7:23pm

under arrest for raw milk

Rrrrufff, under arrest for raw milk? What will you humans waste money and time on next??? I know that the FDA says that it is to protect us from bacteria but humans, IF you’re naturally raising the cows and goats, and they are range-fed, this is just plain ol’ gestapo style food policing big poop! BIG poop, WOOF! Aren’t there better things to police in this world than that? Hey, I know, how about policing those GM food producers the government is fond of allowing, hmmmm??? WOOF! Yep, paws are down for GM Foods & pasteurized milk and UP for raw, natural, healthy food & milk, hehe!

Read all about the insanity here on Dr. Mercola’s website

Here’s another one on NewsTarget:
Canadian farmer on hunger strike to protest government raid; freedom of choice violation:

The Real Reason Why Raw Milk Was Banned in CA

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, REAL food day, WOOF!

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