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Rocky Mountain Dog Disease

Posted Nov 07 2010 8:34am
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Rocky Mountain Dog

Our dogs are very important. There are many things that we care not about the seasons and must be the places where we live, to provide appropriate care for our dogs. Rocky Mountain spotted fever is a disease, an adverse effect on your dog and even if you do not have to be careful. Rocky Mountain fever has been appointed the brand. What happens is that the first cases of Rocky Mountain fever were discovered, you can guess the Rockies. The fact is that the disease may occur where there are ticks. The fever is known that the American dog tick, wood ticks, and some other tick species are transported.

There are two ways your dog can be infected with Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The tick is infected with R rickets needs a bacterium they carry. The parasite usually gets the infection of squirrels and squirrel. Then the tick bites the dog is and the transmission of the virus in the saliva of the bite during feeding. It is the other way of getting the disease from small mammals.

There are many signs and symptoms that you experience information about the infection in dogs. First, you should know that prevention is fairly simple. Use simple methods to prevent ticks on contact with your dog. You can avoid the woods or tick endemic areas. You can also anti tick on the dog’s neck. These methods of prevention can help you and your dog to stay safe from viruses. Symptoms include a red rash, bleeding and secretions from the rash. You will also find that shocks created by the outbreak of the foreskin, scrotum, and ears. Abnormal swelling of the joints and others will follow.

It affects the blood can cause problems with bleeding from mouth and nose, cough and other issues develop. The lesions are still out of control if not to look to the treatment. You will also notice that your dog has a fever. Fever is a disease more dangerous because they are affected to the mind, and can lead to the extremities. Swollen lymph nodes and pneumonia can be rented. There are also opportunities for cardiac arrhythmia due to a hemorrhage of blood. The treatment of Rocky Mountain spotted fever in dogs should be sought immediately if you notice a problem. Frequently recognizes a problem when you groom your dog and you find a tick is attached. It is warning to the search for character.

Posted on November 7th, 2010 in Category Dog Health .
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