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Reese the Beautiful Blond Great Dane! »

Posted Jun 02 2010 12:00am

Oh I’m tongue twisted and with Mastiff drool and the baggy lips that makes me all twisted up. I can’t believe that not only is June going to be Great Dane Month for my Featured Friends section (bepaws my human LOVES Great Danes and Mastiffs) but that GORGEOUS, BLOND Reese, matriarch of her Great Dane pack is my first guest, WOOF!

I am so honored, I am so joyful, I am soooo in love, WOOF! Here’s Ms. Reese, isn’t she just DA BOMB! This month I’ll be featuring Reese’s entire pack from the Felix household, WOOF! I have a LOT of competition bepaws wait until you get a load of the DUDES she lives with! Anyway Reese is a talker just like MOI but I am betting I’d let her have the floor bepaws I’d be too dazzled to do much talking in her divine presence, WOOF! And yes, I KNOW her “formal” color is “fawn” but gee give me a break okay – that translates to “blond” in dog language!

Here’s what Reese’s human, Kim (whom we met through our Natural Health Care for Dogs Group ), had to say about her:
She turned 7 years old this Valentine’s Day. She is a Best in Specialty Show winner, and was halfway towards earning AKC championship before she finally hit retirement age. Her personality is very charismatic – meaning, she is very vocal and has anything and everything to say about all subjects in life, especially when she is the center of attention – which she makes sure she is! She likes to aggravate some of my other dogs, on purpose it seems – like she is trying to get them to fool around with her. LOL! Because of her “sass-mouth,” her nickname is Sissy-Sass (among other things!)

Reese is currently on the prey-model raw diet and enjoys a life without vaccinations or toxins/preventatives of any sort. Unfortunately it was not always like that, especially about diet. (As a rule, I do not give any annual shots so she’s never had any past the ones her breeder gave her as a puppy.) When she ate kibble, her coat was always dull and she was always kinda flabby – and many times this hindered her success in the ring. Occasionally her foot would swell after eating a certain kind of processed dog food. After she finally started to eat what she was meant to, she went through a weight loss and now she is lean and trim like she should be. Her coat is more lustrous and soft. And even though she was sassy before, she is even more sassy now and runs around like a two year old at warp speed. Sometimes I have to tell her to slow her row as she comes barreling towards the door at 200 mph!

Over her life she has had several health issues including hip dysplasia but you would never know it now. I attribute this to a good diet, no vaccines/chemicals, lots of sunshine, plenty of water, and a loving home where she is encouraged to just be the silly dog that she is!

Thank you Kim for allowing me the extreme pleasure of hosting Ms. Reese as my guest this week – oh the joy, WOOF! She captured me with her last pose here!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, WOOF!

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