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Quikclot Saved My Dog !

Posted Jul 12 2010 6:57am

I am a hiker and I love to take my dog, Mocha, with me on my wanderings. Recently, we were hiking in the mountains and I was dumb enough to let Mocha walk with me off leash.

We encountered a Javelina, which is a type of wild boar that lives in the desert Southwest. As soon as the Javelina saw Mocha, he attacked and very violent fight began. I used my hiking stick and beat on the Javelina trying to separate them and finally hit a right spot and the Javelina ran off into the brush and I was able to corral Mocha. The Javelina had bitten him several times and he had a couple of large gashes from it's tusks. I had a hurting dog on my hands and no one around to help me.

I grabbed my first aid kit from my pack and proceeded to try to get the bleeding stopped from his wounds and was successful except for the gashes. He was bleeding very badly from those cuts.

I have kept some packets of Quikclot gauze in my first aid kit for a number of years to handle human emergencies, but had never needed it for a pet. Having no other alternative, I pressed a couple of Quikclot pads into the worst of the cuts and held pressure, just as I would on a person who was cut. To my immense relief, the Quikclot worked perfectly and I was able to get his bleeding stopped and bandaged his wounds.

We were only a mile or so from the trailhead and I was able to carry Mocha back to my truck, and took him immediately to a veternarian. The vet was amazed that we wasn't bleeding from those gashes and had never heard of Quikclot. She was genuinely pleased that she only had to clean up the wound sites and stitch him up.

I first heard of Quikclot from a friend who had used it in the war in Iraq and I added it to my first aid kit for my pack and also my medicine cabinet. It is a type of gauze that has a substance in it that causes the blood to clot and I have to say that I was surprised it worked on Mocha.

 I checked the website of the company that makes Quikclot, and I found that they have a product they call "Petclot". I have no idea if it's the same stuff they have for humans, but I am ordering some now and will add it to my pack. I also will never again go into the bush with Mocha and let him off leash. My fault for having him roam free and very happy that I had the Quikclot with me on this hike.

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