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Quick trip...back with good news...

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:19am

Our trip to Gainesville was long but not too bad. Par did really well in the car (as did Tiffany) and we didn't have to stop an excessive amount--he was good about eating and sleeping--no melt downs (thank goodness). As we arrived into Gainesville--

(cue Twilight Zone music)

it brought back some really strange/weird feelings. Last time I drove into this city I had no idea what God had instore for our little family. I was pregnant, anxious about Par's birth and the unknown and lacking 2 Christmas stockings. Now, driving in, I have our little miracle baby awake and ready to chow down, I know the outcome of the delivery and we've made it through a really emotional and physically draining NICU stay--these feelings overwhelmed me as we drove in--and I wasn't expecting it at all. To top it off, we walked into our "home" at the Homewood Suites--we were greeted by familiar faces and given our room key--they had upgraded us and we walked into our "same" room. Different floor, but our same room. It was a strange feeling.

But...our precious Par was here with us and ready to get down to business with eating and lounging. I fed him and then we headed to Josh and Tina's for a playdate with Ella. They fixed us a delicious meal--and although Tina and I were getting up throughout the meal to tend to our babies--it was a nice dinner and i am so glad we were able to spend the time with them. We slept well--all of us did--and woke up having to hurry to get to our appointment at 9:30am.

We were a wee bit late--but they didn't seem to notice. Par was stripped down to be weighed and decided that it was a good time to demonstrate his kidney function for the nurse. Needless to say, it was a mess and Par didn't even act like he knew anything had happened.

Par was tired and not being his energetic self the first time Dr. Kays came in--He perked up a little bit when Dr. Kays started to exam him but then got a little upset because he was hungry. Dr. Kays had just finished saying his main concern is Par's weight gain and because he was hungry, we all agreed to take a little break and let Par eat. Dr. Kays came back in about 30 minutes later and wrapped up our meeting: Par's oxygen is discontinued during the day and he only has to sleep with it for about a month. His lasix is to be weaned over the next two weeks and he is going to stay on his other medication for right now. Dr. Kays seemed pleased with Par's progress--but we just need to fatten this kid we are working on it...sort of tricky, so please pray for Par to gain weight. The appointment was very positive and we don't have to go back to Gainesville until Par is a year old (YAY!)--they spoke volumes as to the confidence Dr. Kays seems to have in Par's recovery.

After our appointment, we went back to the NICU 3 & 2 to say a quick hello to some of Par's nurses--we didn't see everyone but it was good to see a few. We quickly headed back to the hotel to grab our bags and hit the road. Once again, Par was a perfect angel in the car the entire time--we were so blessed!!!!!! We thank you for all of you prayers for our precious son--he is doing well and we give all the glory to God for all the miracles He has given us.

Much Love,

Liz, Rusty & Par
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