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Pug bit small plastic part. went through the mouth into the nose. Air now pushes skin up on her forehead. Had to put small hole

Posted by mike

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Your question stops right after the words, "small hole", I'm not sure how this ended.

Did you actually see your Pug bite into the plastic part?  Did the air under the skin on her forehead show up right after biting the plastic?  Is she having any difficulty breathing?  Did the plastic part come out of her mouth or is it still lodged in there?  Have you had her examined by a veterinarian?  Due to the very complex structures involved in the mouth/nasal area, I suggest you have her examined and probably X-rayed, even though the plastic most likely won't show up.  It might also be necessary to examine her oral and nasal cavities for any further damage while she is under anesthesia.  If you were the one who "had to put a small hole," you'll also need to be concerned with the possibility of infection.

Helpful Buckeye

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