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Prolapsed Bladder in Beagle mix? What are symptoms?

Posted by bracerup

My 4 year old spayed beagle mix (female) has al ways had issues with urinating in the house and was recently treated for UTI with bleeding.  The bleeding has stopped, but she is still itchy.  I examined the area after bathing her - tissues are not inflamed, but there is protruding tissue from the anterior wall of the vagina.  

I see her labia, the ureter anterior to the bulge, then this tissue protrudes a bit from the vagina.  The vaginal tissues appear to be healthy pink and moist.  Small amount of whitish (yeast?) growth between the labia and deeper tissues.  

Is there anywhere I could see a picture of such a thing in a dog?  It looks similar to lower grade bladder prolapse in human females (medical reference materials).  How does one treat a yeast infection in dogs if that is her problem?




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