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Prescribing Compounded Medication

Posted Jan 31 2013 7:04am

Compounded medications are specifically formulated and blended for your pet. They are designed to treat the condition or conditions your pet is experiencing. Because of their unique formulation, they are not like over the counter medications that are made for general purposes.


Compoundia formulates their medications according to the exact diagnosis and specifications of the veterinarian. No two prescriptions will be alike as they are created for the conditions that are present at the time. Because of the uniqueness of the compound created, it can only be ordered through a prescription.


When ordering a compounded medication several things must be included to complete the order. The clinic and owner's details should accompany all information sent about the pet. The animal's name, type of animal as well as their age and weight must be included. Weight may not be relevant in all cases.


To create the customized medication, the drug and desired dosage should be clearly stated. Compounded medications normally contain more than one type of medication, so it is imperative the name and dosage of each are recorded on the script. The form of each type of medication must also be included. Medications come in capsule, trans-dermal, suspension, etc.


Prescriptions must also include the duration of the treatment as well as the number of doses to be given each day. When prescribing and ordering compounded medications, the signature of the prescribing physician is required. Much like prescriptions for a pet's owner, pharmacies who specialize in compounded pharmacy must have the information for the prescribing veterinarian on hand to ensure accuracy if something needs to be verified.


Compoundia offers personalized service with fast and efficient delivery. Their state of the art technology and pharmaceutical-based facility ensures you get the highest quality product available to help your pet. The qualified staff understands every pet is one of a kind and illness and injury affects each of them differently.


By working hand in hand with your pet's veterinarian, Compoundia can create a pharmaceutical solution that best fits its needs. Your animal is like no other in the world. Its medications should be designed to fit your pet's exact needs, not the entire breed. Compounded medications are especially useful for animals who have allergies or special needs other animals don't normally experience.


Taking special care to make sure pets get exactly what the need is the job of every veterinarian. Using compounded medications gives each animal what it needs as it needs it without fear of over-medicating or causing further problems.



About the Author

Ms. Roger Harris is the Spokes person at Compoundia Pharmacy, a leading compound pharmacy in Westlake Village, California. As a veterinary pharmacist, Roger and his company specialize in custom compounding, including sterile injectables for veterinary use.


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