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Premature Graying in Dogs »

Posted Feb 07 2010 12:00am

You know for human men graying, premature or not, is often considered “suave and debonair” or distinguished while in human women it just seems to mean you’re distinguishably aging, which my human finds extraordinarily unfair…but then life often is unfair humans, and we animals ought to know better than you, WOOF!

Anyway, someone contacted my human a few months ago to find out why some of us dogs gray more prematurely than others and I thought I’d share some of her personal observations. And while none of this is written in stone or maybe even not that important to most of you, I thought you may be curious to find out what may be some of the reasons, so here go.

Possible reasons for premature graying in dogs:
1. Some dogs just do gray early, plain and simple…just like some humans do.

2. Water – I believe that fluoridated/chlorinated water definitely aggravates for premature graying.

3. I have heard some things about copper mineral supplement being able to reverse premature graying but I don’t necessarily agree or disagree. If your water has a heavy mineral content that can contribute to the extra early graying.

4. Feeding unnatural foods, i.e., kibble or canned can be a major contributor. Feeding veggies and grains can also overtax the liver and pancreas lending to using up more of the enzyme reserve, rapidly aging our dogs. Dogs are opportunistic scavenger carnivores and would only ever venture to eat berries, grasses, etc., when starving or self-medicating in the wild. They get their needed phytonutrients in the predigested form of the flesh of the prey animals they consume.

5. And yes, I believe absolutely that vaccines can and do contribute to premature aging factors and a whole lot of other health and behavioral problems.

So a little bit of trivia to maybe PAWnder for your canines, WOOF! I personally think I look rather distinguished with my graying hehe!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, WOOF!

To learn more or to obtain a consultation with my human just go to

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