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Potty Training or House Training Your Puppy or Adult Dog

Posted Jul 07 2010 3:31pm

As a professional dog trainer potty training seems to be a BIG problem.  Through the years I have found that I tend to overlook it when I write becasue to me it seems so basic.... and suddenly when I had a good friend who lives in another state ask me what to do, I realized that much of my coaching online tends to be more complex and yet what people really NEED is some fo the basics.

So, I wrote the guide to Potty Training and House Training Your Puppy or Adult Dog.  

If you have been struggling with a dog you thought you couldn't do anything about, read this and apply the simple steps.  You'll be amazed that yes, an old dog can learn new tricks!

And for those of you who have just gotten a puppy or your puppy is struggling with potty training check out the simple steps and start today.

Potty Training and House Training Your Puppy or Adult Dog

We tend to make things too hard... us humans.  Find out how your puppy or dog thinks and apply the simple concepts and you'll all be wagging all the time in your pretty smelling household!

Wag more!

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