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Posh, ANOTHER Beautiful Blond Great Dane!

Posted Jun 30 2010 10:22am

My heart swoons bepaws this month alone I’ve had the pleasure of sharing FIVE beautiful girl Great Danes during Great Dane Month -with Ms. Posh closing the month out for me, WOOF! Posh (aka Boo) is the youngest member of her pack and most likely the most energetic one too who happens to be blond too, WOOF! I KNOW that means she’s a FAWN-colored Dane but as I said previously to me it translates in dog as blond hehe. She’s gorgeous too!!! You’ll recall I’ve featured all her other pack mates here previously - Ms. Reese (aka Sissy-Sass) – pack matriarch, Andy (aka Dudeness), Marlo (aka Mimsy), and Dkoda . It must be pawesome to have such beautiful pack members to share your lives with Andy and Dkoda! I don’t know if I could handle all that beauty day in and day out, but I would give it a good try hehe.

Posh is a woman after my own heart bepaws I MUST have a toy in my mouth when talking to any human, my own included! I would love to play tuggie with Ms. Posh – she and I would have a good time methinks.

Without further ado here is the one, the only, the beautiful Posh!

Read what her mom, Kim Felix of Sisco Danes has to say about her:

Meet Posh, she’s the youngest in the house at almost 3 years old. She is a sweet but very active, athletic girl – always ready to go play running at full speed, jumping and bouncing – but only with the boys (she doesn’t really care for the girls that much, especially house matriarch Reese.) It wasn’t always like that – her “disagreements” with Reese started a little under a year ago and one thing you don’t want to get in between is a Dane “scuff.” Girls will be girls! But seriously, I think Posh is vying for Reese’s position – only problem is Reese is not looking to retire! So around here that means I have to rotate the two girls in and out of their own rooms making sure they have plenty of quality house and yard time. Thankfully I have two yards so they can both be outside to sun and enjoy the day without having to wait on the other. Committed dog moms and dads will do this for their animals – it’s part of being a responsible dog “parent.”

Posh or “Boo” (yes, even she has a nickname like all the rest) enjoys a species appropriate raw diet and a life without annual vaccinations or chemical “preventatives.” I have also just started to use Bach Flower essences to see if this will help her to calm and focus when she is feeling a little anxious (she has her moments) when the other girls are around. By the way, the Bach Flower Remedies for Animals by Helen Graham and Gregory Vlamis (suggested to me by Dr. Kim) is a great book. Around here, we try to avoid medications at all costs and go the natural way with health care – the way God intended!

Great Danes (and other breeds) do this thing called “boing-ing.” It’s when a dog bounces with all four legs completely off the ground. Posh is an expert. You’d think a giant breed wouldn’t be so agile or athletic but they can be. Did I mention she is a talker? Yes, I hear her opinions often with a “roo-roo” here and a “roo-roo” there (sometimes with a toy in her mouth.) Her best friend is Dkoda – they have some great times playing keep-away with the various “animal skins” in the yard (stuffless coyote, buffalo, or fox.) For some reason, these are the best toys in the world. Everything else isn’t quite as “cool!

Ah, the life of a much loved dog! Posh sends a “shout-out” to Shad, whom I’m sure she’d probably try to entice a little play with. She might be a little goofy, though, since she loves boys – it might annoy the Shad who is an older fella and whose days of rambunctious romping, hoping and running are probably in the past.

Because this is the last Wednesday this month, I want to thank Dr. Kim for featuring my furkids on Shadrach’s blog (and many thanks to Shadrach himself!) It has been a pleasure talking about each of them, sharing stories and pictures. Many dog slobbers and human hugs from the great state of Oklahoma!”

The pleasure has been ALL ours Kim, Reese, Andy, Marlo, Dkoda, and Posh! You all RAWk!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, WOOF!

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