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Pomeranians are predisposed to suffer from an unusual condition called alopecia X

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:22pm 1 Comment


I just adopted a 7 yr. old pomeranian, Angie. She totally black. I had a pom before (I had my Teaka for 15yrs) and have never experienced hair loss in her like I am with Angie? Angie’s hair is corse not soft and it is thinning out so much since I got her especially the back legs. When I brush her it comes out in the handfuls. It is very shiny after I brush her though. Here hair is much less and thinner than in this pic taken 4 weeks ago. Is this a medical problem I should take her to my vets for???


Pomeramians are predisposed to suffer from an unusual condition called alopecia X.

Affected dogs will loose fur especially on the trunk and hind quarters. The underlying skin is usually quite normal and the dog will NOT be itchy or in any discomfort. This is purely a cosmetic condition and the dog’s well being is not affected. Several treatment strategies have been proposed but none appears to be 100% efficient. The most efficient are the following:

- neutering (castration, spay): could be done, no side effects

- vetoryl (treatment for cushing’s disease): side effects noted with this treatment

I recommend to visit your local vet and get the dog examine to rule out other possible cause of this disease such as parasites, infections, skin allergies, thyroid disease … that need careful treatment and monitoring.

Best wishes, julien


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Our little pom girl, Chyna, has been suffering from Alopecia X for about two years.  She's lost a lot of hair, has been on melatonin, with very little results.  The type of testing available is simply too expensive, and much of it is painful or uncomfortable.  We are opting for whatever alternative medicine we can find which will keep her from losing what little hair she has left.  It's too expensive for one, and we don't want to see her suffer from the side effects (vomiting and diarrhea).  Who cares that she's bald?  We just dress her up in her little outfits and she's happy.
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