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Please recommend a homeopathic remedy for expelling a hairball, else what kind of hairball gel would you recommend?

Posted by skyhealer

Suspect that kitty (house cat) has a big hairball blockage. No other signs of ailment, she just won't eat or poop. Peeing is fine. No fever. Ears slightly cool, nose moist (not wet), gums are a healthy color. Normal activity level.

She has licked the most tempting food, and eaten some spider fern, which she was more interested in than food, but, she didn't barf. She is fairly short haired, and her brother is long haired. He's the groomer, and regularly barfs hairballs. She won't even lick herself. She has always preferred crunchies (organic) rather than the canned food that her brother loves (with brewer's yeast). She has recently moved into our home, before they both lived in our rental home which has been empty of people for the last year.

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