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Please HELP ! My female Lab has stopped eating!

Posted by Minnie


I have 2 dogs: a 3 YO Black Male Lab and a 11 and half month old Black female Lab
The girl Lab whos about to turn 1 YO, is undergoing her first period (been bleeding since past 4-5 days now).

Everything was going as I had expected/read, except that she's turned anorexic past 2-3 days, refusing to eat almost anything. Hand feeding did work little but she vomitted her breakfast today morning. I do remember her not being very interested in food for over a week before this happened. But never refused/left any food she was given.
Unfortunately where I live we donot have any good vets around and the nearest good one is hours away.

Could anyone help me out; I tried the following things in the past 2 days:
1) tried hand feeding to some avail, but dog is refusing food in general , not even treats. Shows excitement when shown food/treat but rejects after putting in her mouth.
2) Gave her single 4mg dose Cyproheptadine HCl (what I gave my older male Lab last) on day 2,  gave her appetite enough to eat last night.

Her stomach seems to be fine---> stool is dark brown and solid.
Her tongue is pink eyes not watery, nose is not dried and temp is 99 deg. F which I believe is normal.

To make matters worse the male Lab is constantly 'pursuing' her - chasing her around the place, licking her down there and trying to mount and hump as often as he can (which is almost constantly). I tried separating the two by putting them in different rooms, but it doesnt seem to work as they start 'crying for each other'!

I know its not advisable to let the girl lab get preg. right now as she is too young. But I cannot seem to find any soln. especially given there is atleast a period of 2-3 hours every day when the 2 dogs are left alone at home.

My immediate concern is to get the girl back into eating again and protect her from getting pregnant--> worried as she may be in heat soon.

Is all this normal? does menstruation in dogs has a side effect of anorexia/nausea?
Could there be some home remedy to get her back into action ; also some training tips/ tactics to protect her 'virginity' would be more than appreciable!

Thanks in advance

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If the male is constantly harrassing her, this could stress her which would undermine her appetite. Even though males are often very interested during this period, it's a time of least receptivity for the female. If she's young and inexperienced, this kind of attention can be extremely stressful. That stress, in turn, can undermine her immune response and set her up for more serious problems.

You need to remove him entirely from your home. As long as she can see, hear, or smell him she won't relax if he's the problem.

 Given that normal temperature is 101-102 F, one question is whether than 99 F you recorded is due to a medical problem or a faulty therometer. What I'd recommend is asking a friend to take care of your male for a few days or kennel him to determine how much he's stressing her. If she does not eat once he's completely out of the picture, then there is something not else going on, with one possibility being that what looks like a normal heat isn't and she has an infection of some sort. Because of the length and shape of the canine uterus, dogs with infections may show few signs as these develop over a longer period of time, but then suddenly become very ill so you don't want to waste time getting her examined if getting the male out of there doesn't help within 24 hours.

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