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Pitbull Parasite Problem

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:20pm

pet’s breed: Pitbull mix
pet’s age: 6 months

pet’s sex: male
previous treatment:

Will begin treatment suggested by our Vet tomorrow, which consists of
“Pyoben”, medicated shampoo, eye ointment for around the eyes before

bathing, and “Promeris” for dogs to apply between shoulder blades for
14 days.


Can you please give us any information about this parasite he has which creates

a skin irritation and pimply break out and eventually loss of hair in the
affected area? We think the Vet named it, possibly, “MangyMites” or
something like that.

Please and
Thank You.


I believe your vet talked about “mange mite” which may refer to a parasite called Sarcoptes Scabei. It is not impossible that he talked about another parasite called Demodex which may also be the cause of the problem.

Either way, I am surprised that you were prescribed Promeris as this is a flea/tick treatment which would not touch both the Sarcoptes (fox/mange mite) or the Demodex.

Licensed treatments for sarcoptes include Stronghold and Advocate and for Demodex, Aludex shampoo and Advocate (although I have personnally been disappointed with its efficacy in several cases).


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