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Posted by luckydixie

My 11 year old dog who is a mix between a cocker and a german shepherd but looks like a miniture yellow lab has Pemphigus foliaceus.  He started with an ear infection in his left ear that went into a yeast infection also then a few days later his left eye started getting raised black scrabby spots.  Within a few weeks it spread to the other eye and other parts of his body: ears, mouth, anus, prepuce, legs, and body.  This has been going on since December.  The vet put him on Linocin and prednisone but because he has a level 2-3 heart murmer he can not be on a high does or for a long time.  Does any one know of any other treatments for PF? 
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Personally if he were my dog, I'd switch him to a species appropriate raw diet and get him on some probiotics, and I'd not give the prednisone although I can't tell you to not to do that. A natural diet is the foundation for good health for ANY species.The food in a bag or can is just processed food no different that the human processed foods we call junk food. Sooner or later if we or our animals eat enough of this, these type of immune disorders crop up alerting us to a very deep imbalance in the body. 

Some help on that is in our audio series programs:

Nutrition for Our Carnivore Pets, Vol 1
Nutrition for Our Carnivore Pets, Vol 2

 Additionally natural modalities can help but you will most likely need guidance for utilizing these. 

Raw diet?  Are suggesting give my pup raw food, uncooked food?  Thanks but no thanks if that is your statement.  Blessings.
Yes that is my statement. Your dog is a carnivore.
We have just taken a dog into rescue. Looks like a back yard edition of a Chihuahua, he has Pemphigus foliaceus. We are changing his diet to a raw food, essential fatty acids and probiotics immediately. I know he will have improvement off the processed dog food and his immune system will be boosted. He will be shampoo'd every other day when he is in full flame mode.
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