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Pet Vaccines and Cognitive Dissonance

Posted Jul 16 2010 3:37pm

I’m glad my humans are learning what nature already knows – that we do not contact a virus in this unnatural bee sting type of way that is thrust upon us year after year in the form of a vaccine injected into us. But what I’m most grateful for is that they don’t see the common sense in this unscientific form of what we consider to be blatant abuse. Basically we pets are being used as experiments that should have been done WAY before these things were unleashed upon us and the general populace. But before I give this whole article away I’ll just go gnaw on a raw meaty bone and be quiet now so you can read this article…

by Dr. Kim Bloomer
Recently in a forum setting my colleague, Dr. Jeannie Thomason and I, witnessed an interesting dialogue by veterinarians.

One stated that she never vaccinates her children but was determined that our dogs and cats should be “minimally” vaccinated to “protect” them from the most serious diseases of parvo and distemper. She did state, to her credit, that she only gives one vaccine at a time spaced apart as per the protocol recommended by Dr. Ron Shultz or only one combination DAP (Distemper-Adeno-Parvo viruses) vaccine. Another vet chimed in and went beyond the core vaccines saying that each animal was unique and that we must vaccinate according to individual needs but that ALL companion animals needed those core vaccines to protect them from these dangerous diseases. She went so far to as to suggest that by not vaccinating we could see resurgence in diseases we had abolished such as polio, and even included the leptospirosis vaccine as “core” in certain areas ( ). She also stated that there is no black and white area when it comes to vaccines. Continue reading this article HERE .

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, WOOF!

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