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Pet Boarding and Pet Sitting When You Have To Go Away

Posted Jan 09 2013 11:44am 1 Comment

Are you currently planning a trip where you will have to leave your faithful pet companion at home?  If so, chances are that you are stressing about who will care for your pet and if they will be okay while you are away from home.  This issue is easily resolved with the help of a trustworthy and reputable pet boarding company or pet sitter.  Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction involving hiring a pet boarding company or pet sitter for your dog or cat.

Ask What the Pet Boarding Company or Pet Sitter Will Provide

Before you choose one pet boarding company or a pet sitter in particular, ask what they will provide for your pets.  Some pet boarding companies and pet sitters offer the bare minimums while others offer all that you could possibly imagine.  You want to be sure to choose a company or individual who will be able to offer you all that you want for your dogs, cats or other pets while you are out of town.  Also inquire to ensure that your chosen pet boarding company and/or pet sitter is insured and bonded.

Decide Where Your Pet Would Be More Comfortable

 As you try to make the decision between pet boarding company and pet sitter, you should think long and hard as to where your pet would be most comfortable:  at a boarding facility or at home.  Also, consider that with a pet sitter you will have to invite the individual to stay in your home in certain cases and you may prefer to have your pets stay at a facility where the staff members can tend to their needs there.

Now that you have some information on both pet boarding companies and pet sitting professionals, the choice may be a bit easier on you overall.


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Very Informative Post. Your pet is very comfortable at home with you, but when you go away, he can become stressed and acts out.  So be careful for choosing the pet boarding company.

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