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Pet blogging in the real world: The Sunday morning truant dog edition...and BlogPaws!

Posted Feb 13 2010 10:00pm

As I sit here with this morning’s double-tallnon-fatno-whip mochaI can’t help bemoaning its cool temperature. But it couldn’t be helped. Not after I spied two little dogs running headlong up an expressway ramp about an hour ago.

Veer. Screeeech. Hazards. Hatch up. A pop-top can of Mighty Dog (I admitit has its uses) and two loop leashes in towI was on the hunt. By the time it was all said and donethree cars had stopped to helpthe pups were back in their house and the errant owner of two truant dogs had been roundly berated for her obvious disregard for animal life.

For the recordI would have been nice to the owner had the situation warranted it. Insteadthis owner of two dogs (with no collars and a leaky fence that backs up onto a major road) got the business end of my cold-coffee wrath. (Imagine the veterinary version of Laura CroftTomb Raider standing before you with two striped lassos about her neck and a poodle-y thing under each arm. Scaryright?)

And she deserved it. There she was in her nightgown giving me her bleariest look while I’d been dragged through the bougainvillea making sure her dogs didn’t get the smush on the Palmetto Expressway. Indeedthe only reason I was at her door had to do with her neighbor’s presence at the scene. (“Those dogs are always getting out but the expressway’s a first!”)

So now that I’ve got that brief tale under my belt and a nuked-up version of a mocha to the left of my laptophere’s today’s real takeaway:

Pet corralling is sometimes what I do on any given Sunday. Offered half a chanceyou’d do it too. The only difference between me and most of you is that I have a place to blog about it later––and a penchant for doing so daily. But it doesn’t have to be that way...

If you don’t already blogyou too can get It’s really not hard at all. Follow directions at BlogspotFacebookTwitter (if you’re super-succinct)or any number of social networking sites and you’re in business. The key is to set a goal that involves writing something simple almost every single day...and then just do it. Alternativelyyou could keep an animal photo blog. Or a video blog. Or a quote of the day blog. Or a pet food recipe-of-the-day blog. Or a....

Whatever you doif blogging’s in your blood (like it is in mine by now) and the animal theme is an unavoidable one (as it is for metoo)then you’ve got a great place to go experience the love of others who partake (or want to partake) of this kooky habit: the first ever pet blogger’s conference in ColumbusOhio next month. 

OKBlogPaws 2010 is not taking place in sunny Miami and therefore I (sadly) cannot attend. But I have a very good excuse: My doe (Tulip) will be busy bearing her two kids that weekend and I plan to be there when it happens. Youhoweverhave no such expiatory rationale. You MUST attend. And when you doPLEASE be sure to blog about it.

After allI’ll be sitting around in my muck-a-lucks twiddling my thumbsdrinking mochas and waiting for the big moment (which will be videotapedbtw) while you all gab away. So someone’s got to promise to keep me posted. Anyone offering?


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