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Pet blogger covering abuse at Memphis shelter threatened by city attorney

Posted Jun 20 2011 4:22pm

Pet blogger Shirley Thistlewaite, of Yes Biscuit! has been writing about the goings on at the Memphis Animal Shelter (MAS) for quite a while. The “shelter” has a kill rate of more than 70%. Because of what she saw happening at MAS, she started a fund-raising effort to help save some of the dogs. Last week though, her fund-raising effort came to a halt due to legal threats from Herman Morris Jr., the Memphis city attorney.

Here’s what Christie Keith, from PetConnection, had to say about this mess :

Shirley had also been raising funds to help rescuers pay for the care of animals rescued from this kill factory — they kill more than 70 percent of the pets they take in — but she’s shut that effort down after receiving a legal threat from Herman Morris Jr., the Memphis city attorney, who apparently thought it was a valuable use of the city’s time and resources to dig through the law of Shirley’s home state and find one that sounded scary enough to get her to shut the hell up.

Set aside the fact that Shirley wasn’t even doing what she was being accused of doing. Set aside the fact that the Memphis city attorney has no power to do one damn thing about a law in another state. Set aside that aforementioned massive waste of resources, and just ask yourself in what universe it’s anything short of catastrophically stupid to stop people from trying to help animals saved from your hell-hole of a “shelter”?

You can read the letter and Shirley’s response to it here. I wouldn’t have shut down the donation drive; I’m not an attorney, but I don’t see where Shirley was soliciting donations on behalf of MAS without their permission; she was creating a fund to help rescuers pay for medical care for pets rescued from MAS.

Please read Christie’s post and support Shirley however you can.

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