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parasitic diseases in cat, dog and human

Posted by drmchsr77

Is it possible my cat, dog and myself to have some sort of parasitic or bacterial illness?  I can not seem to find any answers to what we've been experiencing?  I've been to the doctor's twice, had pest control come out, bombed my house ...cleaned , cleaned and cleaned and researched but with no avale. :(   I have found small whitish, dander looking items on my pets and in my hair.  Small pepper like flecks are apparent on myself , in home ...also a fibery type of thing seems to be everywhere.  I've tried examining my pets and their hair fibers seem to mottled with black coloring spots in the actual hair?!  Not on the hair but in it, only their hair wasnt like that before.  I have tried flea and tick various items , brushing them...everything I can think of.  Nothing seems to be ridding them.  I've noticed my cat and dog are itching more and I have small red dot marks on my body which look to be bites.  And feel as it something is attacking  the soles of my feet as well, my smallest toes often feel numb.  I am at the end of my rope, and nobody seems to have an answer or even believe there could truely be a bug or micro organism.  I am positive there is and something is not right, this is taking over my life!!! Does anybody have any idea to what this may be????

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