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Parasite Prevention For Pets

Posted Apr 19 2009 11:13pm

Do you use safeguards to protect your pet against parasites? Most veterinarians advise pet owners to check their pets often to see if they suffer from parasites. They also advise pet owners to use products year round to prevent diseases caused by fleas and ticks.

Since you never know when your dog or cat may be affected by parasites, it is important to treat them regularly for fleas and ticks. When animals are not properly treated, it could lead to serious health conditions due to diseases carried by parasites. These same parasites can also cause harm to humans as well. Your infested pets can pass parasites to their pet owners and can cause diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

The best treatment is monthly applications with a topical flea and tick repellant. Flea collars can also be used. Also it is important to use the product designated for a canine or a feline, as these products are not interchangeable. Always follow the product’s instructions so that your pets are safe during the treatment process.

In order to keep your family safe from parasites, you should treat the entire house every time you find fleas on your pet. If your pet is allowed to come indoors at any time, then you will need to start immediately. Flea powders and sprays are available to use throughout your home especially on carpets, fabric and furnishings to eliminate all fleas. Your pet’s carrier, pet’s bed and sleeping area should be treated thoroughly. It would be best to repeat use of the products several times to ensure that your home is clear of parasites and your family is safe from potentially harmful diseases.

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