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Par is 3 months old!

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:19am

I want to thank everyone for your patience in waiting for the next "Par Update"--only about 40 of you emailed me or left a comment asking for me to hurry up and update the blog...believe me, each email and comment made me feel so special--I am humbled by the fact that so many of you love our precious Par (uh...we don't blame you...but we know you have children of your own!) Anyway, sometimes it was difficult not to update--sometimes it was REALLY easy--either way, I'm sort of proud of myself for letting Rusty, Par and me have some good quality time together without worrying about the update.

For our really loyal fans, you probably realized that yesterday was Par's 3 month birthday. We had a great time hanging out watching Par smiling and cooing! He loves to stand up (obviously with assistance) all the time. This week we went on a few walks and some quick errands around town. We've been busy saying prayers for Par's friend Ella who is back in the hospital--please help us pray for a quick discharge.

Although a week has gone by, nothing big has happened--we're just plugging along and that is just how we like it! Tiffany got her teeth cleaned--and pulled through just fine. Thankfully her breath is getting more tolerable each day. As I type this, Par is beside me with his thumb in his mouth--he has been sucking on his hands a lot lately. He's been sleeping great--through the night like a champion! One night this week he had a little meltdown at 4am because of some gas issues--I felt terrible that I couldn't help him. He just cried and cried--pooting pretty steadily in between cries--it was actually pretty comical--but it didn't seem that funny at 4am.

We thank you for your prayers and continued interest in the blog. We praise God for each day with Par and for all that He has taught us by giving us this precious baby.
Much Love,
Liz, Rusty & Par

PS- We took this picture right after his bath--before we put his nasal canulla back on--so don't get excited, he is still on oxygen.
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