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Pancreatitis in the Dog (golden retriever )

Posted Dec 24 2008 7:55am


we gave my 12 year old golden retriever the fat from the turkey yesterday in
her food. she has now vomited 5 times and had 2 bowel movements in the house

which she never does. she now can’t seem to stand up and won’t drink.
her panting has stopped but i can’t get her to stand or move.she tried to
stand earlier but could not get her back legs to work.



My recommendation is that you visit your local vet as soon as possible.

A fatty meal in an elderly pet has the potential to trigger pancreatitis which is a life-threatening condition.

Sickness and diarrhoea are fairly non specific symptoms associated with many conditions, some very benign, some more sinister. On that particular occasion, I suspect pancreatitis simply because sickness and diarrhoea associated with other illnesses such as the typical “upset stomach” do not make a pet as sick as you describe it … while pancreatitis does.

Following a clinical exam, if the vet suspect pancreatitis, he/she will need to confirm the diagnosis with a blood test and abdominal x-ray/ultra-sound. Treatment consist in resting the pancreas and supporting the patient:
- Hospitalisation
- intra-venous fluids
- pain-killers
- complete starvation (no food, no water, not even the smell of food)

Best wishes,



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