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Our dog has a swollen eyelid. Should we wait and see if it goes away or go to the vet? Should we give her anything?

Posted by Beth M.

It's just the upper eyelid.  Her eye isn't particularly red, and she has just started scratching at it.  She will let us touch the swollen eyelid - she doesn't wince or cry.
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Do you have any idea what might have happened to cause this swelling?  Did your dog get bumped on or around the eye?  Was she outdoors when it happened?  Is she squinting the eye?

The upper eyelid is very sensitive to trauma and/or bites of any kind.  An insect or spider bite can really lead to an inflamed, swollen lid.  As long as the eyeball itself wasn't damaged, a cold compress usually will help to reduce the soft tissue swelling.  If there is squinting, however, that indicates that there may have been a scratch to the eyeball or perhaps a foreign body of some type has gotten lodged under the lid.  If that's the case, you should have her examined.

Helpful Buckeye

this similar thing just happened to our dog (lower lid, eye used to be very red). We have taken him to the vet and they put some blue stuff in his eye and found nothing. We have him on some eye cream they gave us, but it's not working. He loves when we put warm washcloths on his face, but it doesn't help... What else is there to do? 
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