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Oops, I’m a little late with thi...

Posted Sep 12 2008 8:30am

Lassie Goes to the Capitol

Oops, I’m a little late with this news but I thought it was still worth sharing in light of the fact that this is not over in the long-term, although this round leaves CA pets gonads intact…for now, and I’m resting easy. I lost my gonads too young and it’s been a lot of work to keep me healthy ever since.

Who ever thought that there’d be all this fuss over whether we reproduce or not. Sure I understand we don’t want ALL of us having puppies and kittens all over the place, but the thing to understand is gonads are for more than reproduction: the hormones are needed for just about every kind of function in the body, and by removing the gonads when we’re still such babies isn’t a good or healthy thing for us in the long run. And the “mandatory” stuff for ALL cats and dogs, sounds like extinction to me, WOOF! Educate don’t legislate is MUCH better! Here’s the news:

JULY 10, 2007

LASSIE GOES TO THE STATE CAPITOL - Brings Legislators to their knees!

Lassie arrived late afternoon at the State Capitol and went right to the top. No, not to the Governator, but to Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod, Chairwoman of the Local Government Committee that will hear bill AB 1634 on Wednesday morning. Nearly 1000 Californians are expected to show up for a hearing in a room that only holds 60 people. Sounds like a morning on a Los Angeles freeway!

Lassie then went calling on Legislators seeking their opposition to the bill that many are calling “ the Pet Extinction Act “. Lassie is really Laddie, a 7 year old massive specimen of a collie, and certainly a fine actor since he has been cast as a female dog! This is a continuation of the tradition to use a male to represent the beloved Lassie, American icon of family values and courage. And the answer is yes to the question to whether Laddie is an intact male. Her owner, world famous dog trainer, Bob Weatherwax, heir to 65 years of Lassie lore and legend, plans to breed Laddie in the near future to insure another generation of the unique collies. The Weatherwax collies are not registered since they all carry the trait of a large white blaze on the head that collies registered with the American Kennel Club do not bear. Senators and aides alike agreed that this marking was one of Laddie’s best features! This unique line of collies would not be eligible for exemptions under the complex mandates of AB 1634.

Accompanying Lassie and Weatherwax was Jon Provost who played “ Timmy ” on one of the longest running shows in television history, over 20 years! Mr. Provost charmed all with his timeless boyish good looks as he spoke eloquently not only for Lassie but also for all the mutts of California who are more often used for canine assistance dogs than purebreds due to cost and availability. Mr. Provost is a honorary member on the Board of Canine Companions for Independence. Laddie is also trained and certified as a service dog. The halls at the Capitol thronged with admirers and fans as Lassie brought them all to their knees for close-up photos snapped with the world’s most famous dog that has been a favorite of Hollywood and one of California’s best known icons.

It remains to be seen if even our beloved Lassie will fall victim to this far over-reaching leislation. In Bob Weatherwax’s words, “ It’s like casting your net for tuna, and then pulling in a bunch of dolphins.” We agree, it’s just not right — for California. Let’s hope this ends as all the episodes in the past, with Lassie coming to the rescue!

Contact information and photo files:
Diane Amble 650-296-2169

We did it!

Working together, the 33,000 members of PetPAC were victorious today at the State Capitol.

Assemblymember Lloyd Levine was told by Members of the Senate Local Government committee that his s tatewide mandatory sterilization legislation would not get their vote.

Senators voiced their opposition to the very foundation of the bill – punishing responsible pet owners – and left Assemblyman Levine with little choice but to table the bill for six months and come back to the committee next year with amendments that will gut most – if not all – of the current language.

We are grateful for your support of PetPAC and thrilled with the outcome. It was an honor to testify against the bill today, and I was especially pleased to enter into the record an additional 742 organizations opposed to the measure.

PetPAC has worked around the clock advocating against AB 1634. Coming down to the homestretch, our television commercials took our story to millions of Californians and bringing Lassie to the Capitol stole the hearts of everyone in Sacramento.

We will continue to grow our coalition and organize our efforts against opponents who for months have shown more enthusiasm for personal attacks and misleading the public than working towards making good public policy.

Stay tuned… together we will protect our pets.


Bill Hemby
Chairman, PetPAC

Have a pawsitively tail waggin, naturally healthy day, WOOF!

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