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On being a carnivore

Posted Aug 30 2011 2:43pm

I am glad that I’ve never had to be transitioned to a raw diet bepaws I’ve always been fed nothing but that. It’s a good thing my breeders understood that we dogs are indeed carnivores. Recently, veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker did a video for Dr. Mercola’s Healthy Pet.

She explains real good about the difference in proteins - cooked vs. raw, kibble, etc. I was pretty impressed with what she had to say bepaws she kept calling us CARNIVORES instead of what the majority of her colleagues seem to think we are: omnivores. Hopefully more humans are waking up to the facts - at least that is my hope for my fellow canines. Here’s the video:

Sadly we hear all the time about how so many humans will care for and feed themselves good, wholesome whole organic foods, using natural personal care products, natural household cleaners, and are opposed to vaccines for themselves, but never think twice about feeding us kibble, vaccinating us, and slathering us in toxic poisons called “prevention medications”.

One human my Mom was having a conversation with yesterday called it “cognitive dissonance“. I’m just a pup so I don’t get all the big words YET but I have a pretty good idea what she meant when she said that, woof! I might be what some humans call “just a dog” but seems we have a lot more going on in the cognitive function that many “just humans”, woof!

Just sayin’…

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, woof!

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