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Old English Bulldog limping

Posted by keelee a.

I have a 15 month old Olde English Bulldog and was playing with him outside yesterday.  I threw his frisbee and he took off after it. I think he might have stepped into a hole and twisted his right front leg of something.  He went down fast and yelped really loud.  When he tried to get up the first time he fell back down.  He eventually did get up and wanted to play some more but was still limping so we went inside.  He will put some pressure on it but not much.  He isnt whining and will still try and play but we are trying to keep him calm.  He still lays around the same with both feet out front and lets me move his leg and apply pressure all over it so i dont think it is too serious.  we are going to keep him inside and carry him up and down the stairs to go potty.  Does this sound like something that will heal on its own?

please help he looks so sad :-(

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If your Bulldog is bearing weight on the leg, he might be OK.  The way a Bulldog's front legs bow outward tends to allow for more problems with their gait, from trauma or otherwise.

If you keep him well-confined and don't allow any excessive use of the leg, and the lameness is gone in 3-5 days,  then the leg is most likely going to be OK.  However, after confinement, if he still limps on the leg or won't use it at all, you need to make the trip to your veterinarian for an exam.

Helpful Buckeye

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