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Oh brother here we go again, OY…...

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:37pm

mandatory spay-neuter

Oh brother here we go again, OY…hehe as mom always says! Spay, neuter, spay, neuter, spay, neuter. Don’t humans GET the fact that MOST of us ARE already spayed or neutered (uh the proper term is neutered for both genders btw). Mandatory is the key word here. Mandatory as in Big Brother, end all animal births, No Birth Nation, animal rights poop, etc. Yes I know this article is about CATS (horrors) but in this case it’s one a dog has just got to share bepaws it makes sense, and we usually make sense -humans could take a lesson in common sense these days WOOF! So legislators are ya listening ruh? Am I neutered? Yes. Do my humans believe in it? Yes. We’re just against the MANDATORY part and for animals that are far too young at age 2-4 months (similar to sterilizing a 4 or 5 year old human child). We need those hormones to grow to full maturity humans. This is not humane nor ethical to do it to us too young. My humans believe us pet animals should be neutered and to leave the breeding up to reputable breeders who focus on the proper temperament, structure and genetics. However, doing this too young to us is very harmful to our long-term health. Here’s the article:

Kelli Kat
MANDATORY SPAY/NEUTER: The Wrong Answer for Cat Lovers

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Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, healthy intact day WOOF!

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