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Non-Toxic Pet Toys and Anxiety Wraps

Posted Jul 09 2013 2:19pm

King and Shautzie, Copyright 2013 Dr. Kim Bloomer All Rights Reserved I won’t have a King/Shautzie update this week simply because I want to share with you a couple of new products for our dogs. King and Shautzie are “testing” the new toys and the anxiety wrap is something I like to offer as a natural alternative to medications for pets. As you can see, King has been deposed and Shautzie is the reigning queen – much to his chagrin lol!

Let me share with you first the toys since that is King’s favorite thing – or at least it was until Shautzie came along and now she’s his favorite “toy” lol! The Giddy Game is now obsolete in his eyes, hahaha!

These toys are durable for Shautzie, not as much for King since he is a destruction machine when it comes to toys. Shautzie is gentle with them. But I like that they are non-toxic which is rare with toys these days. King hasn’t destroyed the “barbell” yet though – that is a pretty durable toy! Here is the story behind these toys:

Jason Vap, product designer and creator of the petprojekt brand, never planned to launch a line of pet toys. After rescuing Kava, a 3-month old Doberman, he knew he only wanted the best for her, and there was no turning back. blue_bonbal_right_3_4

Vap faced many of the same challenges as most new pet parents, including making multiple diet adjustments after Kava was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and several allergies. Vap and Kava took all this in stride, building a strong relationship in the process. But it was especially difficult for Vap to find toys that were safe and modern looking. Taking matters into his own hands, he created petprojekt, a brand dedicated to providing fun, modern pet toys with a distinctively selection of bright colors and safety standards not before seen in the pet industry.”

Founded in late 2008, petprojekt is a creatively driven toy and accessory firm dedicated to providing
safe, innovative, affordable and stylish products for pets that want to have fun. The number of toys and accessories in the petprojekt catalog has multiplied to over 342 – and counting. But for all their stylishness and uniqueness, one characteristic all petprojekt products have in common is safety. That’s why every product is crafted from durable, non-toxic materials and the entire line is lead, cadmium, DEHP, BPA and phthalate free. The “bark” about petprojekt has been enthusiastic and loud. The line has been featured in dozens of blogs and lifestyle magazines as well as on TV, from Daily Kibble to People Pets to the Ellen DeGeneris Show. To learn more about petprojekt toys, accessories and leads, visit .

As for the anxiety wraps, this time of year is often a difficult one for dogs with various noise phobias such as thunder, fireworks, and other “scary” things. The anxiety wrap isn’t something I have needed to test out in my own dogs thankfully but they have done wonders for many dogs that do need them. I attribute much of these type of phobias to the use of vaccines, in particular the rabies vaccine. :-( I personally would use both this and essential oils and a tincture for calming. Shautzie has some thunder phobia and doing that alone has helped her tremendously. She slept through a thunderstorm last night! Of course we are detoxing her as well. If you need guidance in this area, please obtain a consultation with me.

Here is the information on the anxiety wraps:


The Company of Animals Line Now Includes the Original Anxiety Wrap

anxiety_wrap BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (June 24, 2013)– The Company of Animals is proud to introduce the Anxiety Wrap® to their extensive family of solution-based products. The original, patented wrap of this kind has been trusted by pets and their parents for the last 20 years and is a natural addition to The Company of Animals’ award-winning family of training and lifestyle products.

The Anxiety Wrap works by activating and maintaining key pressure points. Combined with a custom blended lightweight, breathable fabric that flexes and stretches with the pet’s body, the Anxiety Wrap provides a comforting hug-like sensation from top to tail. That’s because, unlike other products on the market, the Anxiety Wrap’s design targets pressure points in the neck, chest, shoulders, belly, mid-section, even the back legs! And only the Anxiety Wrap has rear leg straps, which are adjustable and removable, to create awareness in the pet’s hindquarters, where dogs often hold tension.

Developed by Susan Sharpe, the Anxiety Wrap uses Acupressure to relieve stress and lessen the fears of uneasy or upset pets. A recently published Tufts University Clinical Research Study, even deemed the product 89 percent effective. The Anxiety Wrap was especially called out as “safe and effective treatment for canine thunderstorm phobia.” It’s also helpful during fireworks, group gatherings, times of separation, even when taking road trips or making a visit to the vet. And really, who couldn’t use a comforting hug in stressful or unsettling situations?

According to Dr. Roger Mugford, Pet Psychologist and Founder of The Company of Animals, “Fear and anxiety are at the root of many canine behavioral problems.” Unaddressed, these fears can result in aggressiveness, leash pulling, separation anxiety, excessive barking, and hyperactivity.

The Anxiety Wrap starts at $39.95 and comes in 11 canine sizes – to properly fit each age and breed. There are even specialty made feline Anxiety Wraps available too. For more information on the Anxiety Wrap watch their YouTube video or visit the Anxiety Wrap website, . For the full product selection by The Company of Animals visit .

About The Company of Animals
Founded by pet behaviorist Dr. Roger Mugford, The Company of Animals is the UK’s provider of training products designed to achieve a positive relationship between pets and their parents. The Company of Animals designs and manufactures a wide range of acclaimed products, including the HALTI® and HALTI Harness, Pet Corrector™, CLIX™ training range. The latest additions to the famed family of enrichment products are the GREEN feeder by NORTHMATE and the Anxiety Wrap®. For more information, visit .


I did not receive compensation to share this information with my readers. I did receive two of the toys to test out with King :-)

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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