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NEW MEXICO Rabies Medical Exemption Bill HB 341

Posted Feb 17 2011 5:28pm

It’s about time, WOOF! What is disconcerting to me humans is that the New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association is OPPOSING this bill. Why would they not want to exempt sick and senior animals when it states clearly on the packaging that only healthy animals should receive the vaccine?

In fact, an exemption is in actuality redundant bepaws of that fact stated on the packaging – although they won’t remain healthy long with repeated jabs.

So why would the NMVMA oppose this bill unless they are more concerned with their bottom line instead of the health of us animals? Please contact the representatives to get this bill passed on behalf of all NM pets. Here’s the information from the Rabies Challenge Fund:

NEW MEXICO Rabies Medical Exemption Bill HB 341 for pets determined by a veterinarian to be too ill to be vaccinated has been filed by Representative George Dodge and will be heard by the Agriculture & Water Resources Committee on Friday, February 25, 2011. It is urgent that all concerned New Mexico pet owners immediately contact the Committee as the rabies medical exemption bill is being opposed by the New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association. Apparently the bill sponsor’s office has only heard from those opposed to the bill and needs to hear from those in favor of it. Contact Representative George Dodge: (505) 986-4255

What You Can Do to Help

Contact the Chair and other members of the Committee (members and contact information below) and ask that the committee vote HB 341 OUGHT TO PASS. Please post this action alert and ask others to share and post it as well.

Representative James Roger Madalena, Chair (505) 986-4417
Representative Ray Begaye, Vice-Chair (505) 986-4435
Representative Cathrynn N. Brown (505) 986-4211
Representative Joseph Cervantes (505) 986-4234
Representative Zachary J. Cook (505) 986-4454
Representative Joni Marie Gutierrez (505) 986-4436
Representative Dona G. Irwin (505) 986-4234
Representative Larry A. Larrañaga (505) 986-4215
Representative Terry H. McMillan (505) 986-4220
Representative Don L. Tripp (505) 986-4220

HB 341


SECTION 1. A new section of Chapter 77, Article 1 NMSA 1978 is enacted to read:

A. An animal that would otherwise be required to be vaccinated against rabies pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 77, Article 1 or 1A NMSA 1978 may be exempted from such requirement if that animal is the subject of a letter of exemption as provided in Subsection B of this section.

B. A letter of exemption from the requirement for rabies vaccination may be issued if a medical reason exists that precludes the vaccination of an animal. A letter of exemption shall be in the form of a written statement, signed by a licensed veterinarian, that includes a description of the animal and the medical reason that precludes vaccination against rabies. If the medical reason is temporary, the letter of exemption shall indicate a time of expiration of exemption.”

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, WOOF!

Visit our Vaccine Information Page to learn more

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