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Posted Mar 05 2010 8:14am

Dr. Brode of CHI examines Sally  


Two months after Sally, a one-year-old Great Pyrenees-Labrador mix, underwent breakthrough veterinary stem cell treatment she is able to run and walk pain free.


“Her personality has completely changed,” said Chris Skelton, who is fostering Sally and her brother Harry for Red Collar Rescue .  “Sally used to be shy and withdrawn.  We knew she was uncomfortable because of her hip troubles, but we didn’t realize it really inhibited her from being such a great playmate for Harry.”

  Sally in water therapy horz  


Sally and Red Collar Rescue have Dr. Adrianne Brode, DVM, of the  Canine Health Institute  (CHI) to thank for her new mobility.  The specialized veterinary clinic was able to perform the stem cell procedure and stem cell processing entirely in the veterinary surgical suite at CHI .


Red Collar Rescue , a nonprofit animal rescue organization, is responsible for bringing Sally to CHI .  Charlotte Liberda, founder of Red Collar Rescue, saved Sally and Harry from the City ofHouston  animal shelter known as BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care).  Sally currently lives in a loving foster home until a healthy recovery allows for adoption. 


Canine Health Institute is the only veterinary facility to have a point-of-care stem cell processor in its surgical suite.  Stem cells were harvested from body fat in Sally’s stomach and isolated by the instrument located in the surgical room.  Isolated stem cells were then reinjected into Sally’s two hip areas. 

  Sally in water therapy 2 horz  


“Until now, canine stem cells were separated in a California-company’s laboratory and then shipped back to veterinarians, causing the dog to undergo two separate procedures,” said  Adrianne Brode, DVM, of CHI .  “We are the first veterinary practice in  Texas to have the equipment onsite to separate and to reinject the cells that allows this treatment to be a one-day procedure.”  CHI uses a C-arm to inject the stem cells at precisely the right location in the dog. 


“Stem cell therapy has been used successfully in race horses for tendon injuries and for osteoarthritis in dogs.  We are very optimistic about its potential success on the animals that we treat. Because we are using the patient’s own stem cells, there is less chance of rejection or reaction to the treatment,” said Dr. Brode.  “We are already seeing so much improvement in Sally’s hip movement.”


In addition to the stem cell treatment, Manley R. May, DVM, of  Pearland   Pet   Health   Center , performed FHO surgery on Sally’s right hip joint. The procedure removes the head of the femur, or the attachment to the hip, allowing a new contact point to form by the muscles of the hind legs.  The recovery was aided by the stem cells that provide new cell growth.


Red Collar Rescue was formed in August 2007 by Charlotte Liberda and a small group of volunteers who share a passion and love for the animals.    All of these individuals hold full time professional jobs, in addition to devoting much of their time, energy, and very often their own financial resources  to vet, train, and house the animals waiting for adoption.   Red Collar Rescue takes in animals found living on the streets and from animal shelters in  Houston and surrounding areas, regardless of their health  condition.  Red Collar Rescue has successfully placed more than 400 dogs and cats into permanent loving homes.


“We are so grateful to the Canine Health Institute and  Pearland   Pet   Health   Center  for applying their specialized veterinary expertise to Sally’s case,” said Charlotte Liberda.    “We do not limit our program to healthy animals.  We make a commitment to each dog or cat we rescue to provide the best medical care possible.  Thus, we greatly appreciate this expert team of veterinarians working together to help Sally.”


About Red Collar Rescue

A nonprofit organization, Red Collar Rescue maintains a no-kill philosophy and provides medical care, rehabilitation services and training to help all animals rescued be placed in good homes.  All monies donated to Red Collar Rescue go to the care and treatment of animals.  For more information visit



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