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Neutered husky Problem

Posted Oct 02 2008 12:24pm

Question :

This morning when I woke up my 1 1/2 year old neutered lab/husky mix jumped up on the bed and I noticed his penis looked swollen and on the base of his penis were two lumps that were rock hard (it seemed as if he had testicles but he was neutered very young). I freaked out and went to call my vet but being as it’s sunday they were closed. A few minutes later after I was making phone calls he came running out of the room and he seemed fine I went to feel him to see if it was still swollen and he was back to normal. Just wondering if you have any ideas as to what this might be. I work at a veterinary hospital and will bring him to work with me tomorrow. But I’m curious to see what it is..Thanks

answer :

I suspect that your doggy had an erection which is possible even following neutering. The pink bit was the tip of his penis and the 2 lumps were the swollen bulbo-cavernous muscles that allow the tie during mating.

I hope this helps, Julien


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