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Need a homeopathy remedy for cat urinating on daughters things

Posted by Maggies.Mama

We have a cat who is almost 2.  We have had her since she was a baby.  She has started to urinate on my daughters bed and on her clothes if she leaves them on the floor.
We moved about a month ago and since then our dog has been spending more time in the house.  The dogs crate is in our daughters room.  Our cat has been doing this now for about


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Cats are great creatures of habit and do not like change very much.  Moving more then likey is what started this business of not urinating in her litter box.    Have you had your vet check her for a uriniary infection just in case?  

Dr. Jeannie is right about moving a cats habitat. However your cat could have a bladder problem that could possible lead to a urinary tract infection. There are that are safe for the cat.
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