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Naturally Reared Great Danes: True Gentle Giants

Posted Feb 13 2012 6:59pm

Naturally Reared Great Danes: True Gentle Giants Did you know that in some counties in some US states that dogs over 100 lbs are banned? Oh don’t get me started on that nonsensical bunch of baloney called BSL, but to think that size really determines how aggressive a dog can be makes no common sense. Humans these days sure seem to be lacking in that commodity. This photo is of me and my Dad, WOOF!

I wanted to share some naturally reared Great Danes with you to show how much of a Oliver and Rudy, NR Danes difference it can make when we are raised according to our species needs without all that human intervention they call “prevention” in the form of toxic pesticides and vaccines. Of course the children in these photos are being supervised so don’t go get all “het” up over this. The point of this post is to show that these Danes are gentle, calm and confident in themselves. That’s bepaws their DNA hasn’t been all messed up with loads of vaccines , they aren’t slathered in pesticides or given those pills to ingest to ward off parasites/pests, and they are fed what their bodies were designed to eat in order to thrive: RAW meat, bones and organs!

Mia and Koko the Dane The brindle male is in my family line, Dakota (aka Koko), from the SisCo line. He’s there with his little girl, Mia. The other two squish couch buddies (hahahaha) who are obviously the BEST of friends, Rudy the fawn squished on the bottom and Oliver the merle comfortable on the top, are rescues. Oliver is walking his Mom’s little grandson of the same name! Their human, Maggie, naturally rears all her rescues to help them live much more quality lives even if they do get some of those toxins aforementioned prior to coming to live with her. Maggie swims upstream as does Kim of SisCo Danes regardless of any naysaying to show how truly GREAT we Danes are, especially when we are raised according to nature’s laws, WOOF!

We Danes are truly the coolest, most laid back gentle giants, and we can be quite Oliver the Dane and Oliver his buddy goofy too. We are very loyal to our humans and will protect them but wouldn’t most any dog do likewise for their human? It just seems scary to some people bepaws we are so big, but we just great big, lovable, huggable giants. And when we are properly raised, we are great big ol’ lovable couch potatoes who love people and other animals. If we’ve at times been given a bad rap, all we ask is that you look to the humans behind those dogs.

Those of us in these photos are fortunate to have humans who love and understand us. They allow us to be dogs, and they allow us to be Danes. What could be better?!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day, WOOF!

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