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Names Your Cat Will Love

Posted Aug 30 2012 10:01pm

Do you have a new cat? It can be difficult to decide what to name your cat. Here are some suggestions to give your cat a great name. CatNamed has a great variety of categorized names to help you brainstorm.

Basic Baby Names

Get a baby name book and go through the lists. It’s often easy just to use a regular human name for your cat. A baby book is a good idea because it will give you a ton of options that you might want to use to name your cat. You can make a list and narrow down your choices to something that you like.


Be sure to ask your friends and family what you should name the cat. Small children can come up with unique names because they are very creative. A friend might have a great idea that you haven’t thought of yet.


Using a hero is a good way to get a name for a cat especially if you have children in the house. Have your kids think about their favorite hero and then you can use that name or a variation of it to name your cat. You can get creative with this option. For example you can use sports heroes if you want or those from comics, books or movies.

Music Stars

Sometimes you can get a good cat name by using the names of famous music stars such as Elvis for example. You might want to use the first name of a star you like as the name for your cat. This is a personal preference and not everyone will want to sue music star names but they can give your cat a unique name.

Other Languages

Sometimes you can get unique cat names by using the names of people in different languages. The Internet has plenty of resources when it comes to names in various languages. This can give your cat a very unique name that’s quite different from the same old boring names. Just be sure that other people can pronounce the name of your cat.

Historic Names/Hobbies

Going back in history can give you some unique and fun names for your cat. Common example could be ‘’Caesar” or “Lincoln” as examples. Of course you can use whatever name that you like and ones that suit your individual style. For example, if you like firearms, you might name your cat Remington as an example. A beer drinker might name the cat Bud. This is all your preference you are free to make your own unique name that you like. Another way to name your cat is to use a video game character that you really like. Using a character in a book is also a good idea if you read frequently. A name like “Frodo” is one example.

The Cat’s Look

Sometimes the cat has a unique look that can lead to a good name. For example, if the cat has big feet then “Bigfoot” might be a good name. These names will usually pop into your head so you should decide then if you want to use them or not.

The Right Name

It can be difficult to find the right name but if you spend some time deciding what to name the cat it will be easier than you think. Be sure to make up lists and then narrow down your choices. Be sure to ask family members and especially small children as they can come up with wonderful unique names.

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