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My yorkshire terrior has one enlarged eyeball, should i be worried?

Posted by Cory T.

Her right eyeball is very large, abnormal compared to the other eye. She acts normal and I  havnt'  noticed any other symptoms out of the ordinary. Both eyes look healthy just one is very large (almost the size of a dime her other eye is about the size of a pencil eraser).  I think it's worsening as it seems to have gotten larger in recent weeks. I don't believe she was born this way b/c i've only noticed it recently. She is about 2 years old and weighs about 3 or 4 lbs. Very small.  I'm not sure if it a tumor or something else. Should i get it checked out? Please any advice is helpful.. Thanks...


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Hi Cory,

Well that definitely doesn't sound right. Truthfully I'd get her to your vet and get it checked out. Dogs are good at hiding when they don't feel right. Is she eating normal? Sleeping more? At any rate, I would get it checked out by your vet. 

yes she is acting normal. eating right and all. so thats whats throwing me off is i can't tell any thing different in her other than her enlarged eye.

Hi Cory,

 If this is something new then I would have it checked out.  There may be pressure in or behind the eye and while it may be nothing serious at all,  have it checked for your own peace of mind as it could be the beggining of something serious and you would be upset if you did not have it checked sooner.  

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