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my yorkie has a very oily coat and has pimple like bumps all over, mostly on her spine and top of sides. I rinse her very well

Posted by Sue

It does itch and she really starts scratching a lot.  I've tried various shampoos and she's good for the 1st day or 2, then her coat starts to get greasy again and the bumps are more prominent and the itching starts.  She is on a low fat diet due to pancreatitis.


Please and thanks.

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It sounds like something is disrupting normal oil production in her skin. Unless a specific cause can be determined, routine bathing may be necessary to keep this under control. However, there are special veterinary shampoos for this condition that may  give her longer relief between shampoos than over-the-counter pet products. As I'm sure you know, using human products on animals is a very iffy because the additives in human products may produce allergic reactions in some animals or aggravate existing conditions.
My dog had severe itching and very oily hair.  I brought her to a derm vet and she had some allergy skin testing done.  $1200 later, she was diagnosed with skin allergies to multiple things that are unavoidable (like dust mites and grass).  she is currently on Atopica, an antibiotic and allergy shots which I administer every 10 days.  She also gets bathed twice a week in malakeet shampoo to treat an allergy to yeast.  All in all. my very expensive dog requires very expensive medical care, but she is feeling much better so it's worth it.  Good luck!

Thank you both so very much!  I'm now using a medicated shampoo from the Vet.  It helps alot.  I may need to give her some shots in the future though.  Giving the shampoo a good try first.  Thanks again!



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