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my sons 3 year old dog has idiopathic epilepsy w/progressing fequency of seizure even on meds. would jasmine essential oil be i

Posted by lat

Please help.  Any information regarding supportive or complementry medicine would be helpful.  He is currently working w/a vet doing dietary support, acupunture, craniosacral therapy (CST) and I have started daily combined energy medicine, massage and CST.  My son is 29 and is working hard to balance financial, home, and work considerations to maintain a healthy environment for his dog Marley.  Thanks, Leigh Ann Turner

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Leigh Ann,

Since I don't know where you live, this will just be a general suggestion.  If you are in the USA and within reasonable driving distance of any of the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, of which there are more than 30, perhaps you should consider getting an appointment at one of them.  The neurology department of any veterinary school would be able to better tell you if there is something that has been overlooked or not considered.

Also, most of the larger metropolitan areas in the USA will have veterinary specialty clinics that most likely would have on their staff a board certified neurologist.

I may irritate some of this Pet Health Community's other readers with this suggestion, but I feel it behooves you to exhaust all legitimate medical efforts to help you dog before pursuing some of the other courses you mentioned.  

Good luck with your search.

Helpful Buckeye

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