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my puppy is probly 3 months old and the lump is a little bigger then a golf ball it hangs between chin and throt its not hard bu

Posted by carrie

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Your description isn't very complete, especially for how long this lump has been present and whether or not the pup is acting sickly.  A lump in that area could be an abscess, an inflamed or blocked salivary gland, a lymph node, or a foreign body.  An examination by your veterinarian would be in order at this point.

Helpful Buckeye

I had the same problem with my dog two years ago.  She was over a year old, but her ailment was called "juvenile cellulitis" which tends to affect puppies around your dog's age.  It started with a cut to the muzzle and moved down to the lymph nodes where it swelled substantially over two days.  We ended up having to take her to the vet emergency room.  Go get this taken care of.  It may not be juvenile celluitis, but you should get it checked out.
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