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My puggle is acting depressed?

Posted by bre.x

I have a 5 1/2 month old Female puggle. we got her maybe a month ago.
She has been so happy and a wonderful dog, always full of life. For the last 2 days she has been acting really weird, almost depressed. she wont eat much, doesnt liek going outside lays around all day and walks around with her tail between her legs and shes afraid of something...its weird! ive noticed that she acts the weirdest when my fiance is home..more frieghtened then depressed..:S is it because hes a male? or is there just literally something wrong with her.... should i take her to the vet? :S please help!
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I'd definitely have your pup examined by your veterinarian first to rule out the possibility of any medical problems. Dogs who are in pain may act like your pup is acting. Animals that age are very curious as well as may be doing some serious chewing as their permanent teeth come in. Consequently, any injury or problem related to chewing/eating  something problematic has to be ruled out.

If she has a clean bill of health, then behavioral issues are next on the list. Ironically, if the dog was feeling frightened for any reason and your boyfriend did the babytalk routine that some people automatically use with scared animals, this could have upset her more. This occurs because the tone of voice and body language associated with such human displays actually communicates that person's lack of confidence to the dog. And the last thing a vulnerable animal needs is a person, and especially a male, who's communicating he or she feels as vulnerable as the dog.

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