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my pomeranian pee's a lot. I think she may have an overactive bladder. Or is this just crazy.

Posted by Vitamin-A

We rescued her from a poor living environment. She came with fleas. not a lot of hair and needless to say no training abilities. we have tried everything to get her potty trained, uncluding pee pads, doggy diapers, taking her water and food up, and a dog trainer. However she keeps having accidents, well a lot of accidents.

Could this be an overactive bladder control problem? 

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First, you must establish whether this urination pattern is truly excessive and whether it's voluntary or involuntary.  Knowing the dog's approximate age would also be helpful.  Has she been spayed?  An exam by your veterinarian would go a long way toward answering your questions.  A urinalysis would be valuable as well.  The list of potential causes is long and you need to whittle it down some.

Helpful Buckeye

I completely agree with Helpful Buckeye. This could be a medical or a behavior problem or a combination of the two. Keeping a journal of when and where she goes is also helpful. Sometimes it seems like the dog goes anywhere anytime any place, but when we start keeping track, we discover that's not the case.
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