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my one year old JRT has been sick this morning and has three tiny tiny hard lumps behind his ear?

Posted by Emilie

I am worrying and i cannot take him to the vets today and i was hoping someone could shed light so i know what to expect if i do take him to the vets?? thanks x
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First of all, what do you mean by "sick this morning?"  That covers a broad range of signs and symptoms.

The lumps you are describing could be related to his problem or they might be totally irrelevant.  There are some lymph nodes below the ear flap and behind the rear angle of the lower jaw that can swell up for various reasons; however, you probably wouldn't describe them as "tiny tiny hard" lumps.

These tiny hard lumps could also be bites of some kind.  Depending upon what being "sick this morning" means, you should have him examined if this continues.

Helpful Buckeye


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