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My maltese has a bald spot on her thigh 3 xs the size of a silver dollar and the skin in that area is very dark - could having h

Posted by Linda

Oh by the way, it was checked by the vet for ring worm and it was negative.  But it did not look like ring worm anyway to me.
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Well, not all bald spots are caused by a ring worm and the test is rather straightforward. Usually there is also some degree of redness with a ring worm.

I take it there is no irritation or itchiness?

Our Jasmine had a bald spot caused by melatonine deficiency. Seems to happen in some dogs, still trying to get to the bottom of why. But with simple melatonin treatment Jasmine's filled right in.

Either way though, I would like to know what it is. Being told what it isn't is not really a diagnosis, is it? I wouldn't let the vet off the hook that easily.

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