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my kitten mother had herpes virus in eyes he is sick bad too

Posted by Stressed

HELP PLEASE!! what do i do.I cant afford vet,.I have 2 kittens born prematuely. i have them 8 weeks old finally,seems long time when you start early in their life..GINGER has finally gotten better,growing,her ribs are not tiny toothpicks now.Her rectum is partally on outside,no spincter,yes we clean!!! MY other baby also is gaining weight,his eyes willnot get well. the drains have stopped and he is china eyed now.His mom did carry herpes virus as I am the local adoption no one wants.We have no animal help,control,just people in the country say how cute,it becomes work,they toss them out. I take care of my mom,sick friend,and have 2 teens,and I am mentally disabled.On SSI i must fight alone to keep them well,clean,loved,and would have it no other way.UNTIL one is sick,I cannot heal alone.PLEASE give me pointers,a cure,hope. I TRIED the neosporin today,I look for 24hr. improve.none stop treatment.What do I do for herpes virus,he is so swollen,No drainage,I used baby shampoo,warm H2O and love.Worked on any drainage.Now the swelling,I think a steroid will help,how do I get that,or anything to help him..please





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