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My favorite, my favorite! Barkin...

Posted Sep 29 2008 12:38am

Buffed out dogs on raw food

My favorite, my favorite! Barking about raw dog food is my absolute favorite!!! It’s REAL food for us scavenger, opportunistic carnivores…uh that would be canines, dogs, WOOF!

Many people approach my mom and want to know what kind of meat to feed or how much to feed or “ewwww feed raw meat”??? Um okay well first of all dogs are predators. Carnivores. Scavenger carnivores. Opportunistic scavenger carnivores as I stated above…”opportunivores” as was coined by our friend Dianne Sever at Just Say No 2 Vaccs. Tunivores hehe…I digress. A dog NEEDS - not just wants - raw meaty bones, WOOF!

So that means raw meat and bones…you know like the kind you cook for your family only raw! If you want to learn more here are a couple of sites that can help you:

And some articles to read:
Canine Cuisine
Food Choices for Our Dogs
What Are We Really Feeding Our Pets?
Dispelling the Myths of Raw Feeding

And some Animal Talk Naturally shows to listen to:
Kibble Poop - Show #1
No Grain, No Pain - Show #62
The Silent Spring of Dog & Cat Health - Show #88
The BONE-afide Truth: Gettin’ Meaty With It - Show #92
What IS The Right Food For Our Pets? Debunking The Bunk - Show #111
Those Raw Meaty Pearly Whites - Show #114
Feed Them Right, Treat Them Right - Show #125

And our book you can buy:
Whole Health for Happy Dogs

And now you get it, WOOF!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, buffed out, raw fed day, WOOF!

Bark ‘N’ Blog is brought to you by Aspenbloom Natural Pet Care

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