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My dogs third eyelid often turns inside out. It does not seem to bother him and after a few minutes it will fix itself. What c

Posted by kendalldcfan

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I couldn't tell you.

Here is a good article you might find helfpul

You might also want to post it on the following dog forum, there might by somebody there who has experience with this

There is a small piece of cartilage that is a part of the 3rd eyelid.  In some dogs, there is most likely a weakness in this cartilage that allows the 3rd eyelid to turn itself outward. 

If your dog's 3rd eyelid has been able to revert back to normal without any intervention, your dog is lucky.  Frequently, when this eversion of the eyelid occurs, the glans nictitans on the back side of the eyelid will become inflamed and the resulting swelling won't allow the eyelid to go back to its original position.

Rather than reading articles on the Internet, you should have your dog examined by your veterinarian so that an evaluation can be made as to the health of your dog's eye and surrounding accessory tissues.

Helpful Buckeye 

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