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my dogs keep getting sores along their lips/outside of their mouth, what can i give them to get rid of their sores?

Posted by sijazmin

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Rather than treat this apparent symptom, why not dig in and look to the root cause of the sores instead?

The sores are symptoms of the body out of balance. So I would ask you this - what are you feeding your dogs? If you can address the cause, the symptoms will go away of their own accord. 

My jack russell is having this problem too.  Several days ago i noticed some hair missing from the bottom of her jaw under her lip, this has since gotten bigger (about the size of a half dollar) and has gotten a little swollen.  I started putting triple antibiotic on it and a couple days ago started putting cortisone cream on it as well.  This morning I also noticed a bit of redness on the outside of the corner of her mouth as well, so put some cortisone cream on that too.  By this evening there is a big sore on the corner that has also swelled up, with all of the hair gone now (this one is about as big as a nickel).  I'm guessing it may have gotten worse much quicker there since she can lick it easily, at least more so that the bottom of her chin.  She's almost 7 and has never been allergic to anything.  I'm thinking of giving her a small amount of benadryl (I've found 1mg/lb is ok).

Any idea what may be causing this? 

Take her to a vet you moron, stop improperly treating your dog. It is helpless and unable to tell you that you are an idiot and the cream propabably stings like hell!
Don't call her a moron.  I have a jack russell with same symtoms and I took my dog to the vet and they were of no help.  Said they didn't know what it was and gave me Antibiotics to try.  They didn't work.  He still has sores and I am going to have to demand they take a swab of the area and see if that will detect what is causing it.  I too am using a cortisone cream to try and prevent spread.  Its not getting any worse but its not improving either.
I do take my pets to the vet Luc T. That's where I got the cream. I am looking to help my pets and was hoping to learn of a homeopathic remedy maybe that would make a difference. I do not need silly comments that are as helpful as the cream the vet sold me. Good Luck Shep with your dog I hope we both find the remedy to heal our pets.
My miniature schnauzer has the same type of sores, one on each side of her month.  I have taken her to two different vets.  No answers.  Someone out there has to know what it is.  

Go to, look up Lip Ulcers: What could cause my dog's lips to be ulcerated?

by Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM

 Here is what posted....

There is a group of diseases called pemphigus that have several forms (foliaceus, vulgaris, erythematosus, vegetans and bullous pemphigoid) and vary in location and severity. These diseases are an autoimmune process; the body's own immune system attacks the "cement" of the skin layers, creating blisters, sores, crusts, and ulcerations on the skin and mucocutaneous junctions (where skin meets mucous membranes, the moist tissues of mouth, nose, eyes, vulva/prepuce, and anus).

Pemphigus vulgaris, while more rare than other forms, is specific for the mucocutaneous junctions, such as lips. The skin may also be affected, usually mildly involved.

Ulcers and sores resulting from these diseases can become secondarily infected with bacteria, creating more of a problem. Antibiotics will help, but will not cure this condition, which is caused by an "overactive" and errant immune system.

 Hope it helps.  I will be visiting the vet again armed with this info and see if I can't get this taken care of for my dog.  

Sorry my last post did not post well.  You can read this info at
MY JRT has had this problem.  She developed it after eating Avoderm.  Some dogfoods, especially dry foods, contain ingredients and preservatives that some dogs are sensitive to.  Our vet prescribed Benadryl (1/2 of a human pill) in the AM and she went through a course of Prednisone.  She is now on the Benadryl and only gets pred if she has a flare.  In our dog's case, she seemed to be allergic to chicken, wheat, corn and soy which are all common ingredients as well as food dyes that make kibbles look "pretty".  We now cook up a crockpot of food for her each week which contains a protein source such as turkey, green vegetables, carrots, and brown rice. Cook the ingredients overnight, then add about 1/4 cup of dry oatmeal and let it soak the extra "soup" as the crock cools.  This makes the food into a great consistency for dogs.  It has saved my dog's skin and is actually less expensive than prescription food. We supplement her diet with a dog vitamin from the vet.  Good luck with your dog!
My Border Collie has the same problem. Too him to two vets and not one of them knew what it is. He is on Prednisone and Clindomyacin and they are not working. He is also constantly licking his left front paw. Open sore on the left upper lip and now it is starting on the other side. The vets have no idea what it is. Question for all of you....are any of your dogs on Soloxine for an underactive thyroid? My dog has been on this for 6 months now and am wondering if maybe he is allergic to this med? It is sad that vets can not figure this out and we have to resort to google as our checkbooks get smaller.
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