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My dogs back leg is always tense and he tends to keep it straight out.

Posted by BuddynBishop

Hi, so first off my dog is 16 years old and suffering from kidney disease.  He has a nail on his good foot broken off inside his pad and they said they can't take it out they have to let it grow out.   So, for the past 2 weeks or so he has been having trouble walking, I know he is old but this has come on pretty swiftly so i don't consider it to be old age.  When he is laying down now he lays with his legs in odd positions, for first few days i noticed it, when he would sit / lay down he put his legs straight up by his head, looked very uncomfortable but he didn't seem to care.   When he lays on his side his leg ( the one without the bad nail) is constantly flexed I can push his foot gently and he doesn't care but there is constant pressure from his flexing of his leg... assuming cause his leg does seem to have free movement and no pain that it's not a break or anything like that.

Any suggestions would be great.  Thanks

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