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My dog was just having these weird, almost muscle spasms. She's about 2 months old. What could this be?

Posted by steven.sagal

So just a few minutes ago I layed my dog next to me and it just layed there, having odd muscle spasms. Her whole body spasmedat once.
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There can be involuntary twitches of just about any of the muscles of a dog.  These can happen in just one part of the body or over a broader area, mainly when the dog is asleep.  They can happen in dogs of any age.  Most of these twitches are transitory in nature...they only last for a few seconds. The dog may even stretch their body full out after the twitches stop.  This would not be considered a problem as long as it doesn't happen very often.

On the other hand, if what you are describing is a type of seizure, then some attention is necessary.  You may want to discuss this with your veterinarian in case you see these "spasms" again.

Helpful Buckeye

In a two mouth old pup it could be normal activated sleep. Although its present in older animals of all species,  we often notice it more in young ones because we spend more time watching them.

I'm scared for my dog's health and my lack of time remaining w/her may be little. She is approx. 80y.o. Last night i notice involuntary muscle spasm that seems to radiate from her backside (spine region) throughout. The twisting appear at times to be intense. She has numerous cysts throughout a larger round one in her pelvic region. Tell me how to make my Sheba all btr. any home remedies. I out of work- no money to take her to her regular checkups. HELP. I need at least $70 to take her to Gateway Animal Clinic. They don't take charity cases. I call Dick Goddard, TV8 animal advocate and lover for help no answer yet. Send me home remedies. I adopted Sheba from an abusive owner.




CLEVELAND  i M IN THE SAME BOAT AS YOU.  My dog is 10 hs a large cyst in his pelvic area. Today he came to me twice literally fell to the floor his legs were as stiff as rods. He was terrified as was I ..... I just kept rubbing him and telling him he was OK.  after bout 5 minutes it was  over and he started panting. Please let me kow if you hear  anything. I'm not quite sure what to even look up.  I don't  think it  was a seizure more  like a stroke.  
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